Parish Pastoral Council


The remit of the Parish Pastoral Council is to work co-operatively with the Parish Priest, Parish Team and the parishioners to assist the entire parish community to achieve the mission of the Church in the local community. The members of the PPC together act as an advisory body to the Parish Priest. They do this through a process of praying together; discerning needs and priorities; and sharing practical wisdom and experience in order to advise on major decisions which may affect the life and well-being of the parish.

The PPC has now been dissolved following the merger of St John the Baptist and St Kentigern on 11th November 2018.  There is now a transitional team for the new parish, comprising six members from each of the now-dissolved Pastoral Councils, to monitor issues arising from the merger of the parishes until elections are held for a new PPC.    

Should you wish to bring any issue to the attention of the Transitional Team then please speak to one of their members or Fr Jeremy.



St Kentigern’s is a Parish of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, registered charity No. SCO08540

Transitional Team:
Fr Jeremy Milne
Michael Balfour
Tracey Boyle
Margot Donoghue
Maria Douglas
Monique Lockhart
Marlene McCallum
Brian Murray
Rita Phillips
Mary Strachan
Margaret Thomson
Sofia Valente


Minutes of Meetings

Code of Canon Law